Rockcards - single pack


in 1991 someone thought it would be a great idea to make rock and heavy metal trading cards. And they were right!

This is a single pack of ROCKCARDS from 1991 featuring different heavy metal and rock artists from that era. These packs are sealed and completely random. You never know what artists you will get.

- There are 13 cards in each pack (228 cards in the whole series)
- 1 Peel-and stick art card
- possible hologram band logo sticker. (I found a Slayer one and it's awesome)
- 1 contest entry form card for a contest that expired in 1992. sorry.

*Some of the packs have an old "99¢" sticker on them from the good ole days.

This is a great gift for any rock and metal head in your life. These are just fun.

A single pack of Rockcards is a great add-on to any order from the FWR shop.

Never knew Rockcards were a thing. Giving them as a gift and I know they will be a big hit.

The coolest thing I own! Also coolest buisness card ever 🤘

We like the rock cards

Legal imprint