Stay Brutal Iron-On Patch

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Some people have mottos they live by like "be a good person" or "always look on the bright side". I say "STAY BRUTAL". It keeps you focused on the important things.. being more than just awesome, being brutal. Its a METAL state of mind...its almost as simple as WWSD (what would Slayer do). Look, its a patch and it's simple. Put it on your sleeveless vest next to your Obituary patch. Either you get it or you don't.

· Limited edition first run of 100
· Embroidered patch for extreme brutality
· Iron-On adhesive on the back of the patch
· Approximately 3" x 2.5"

Thank you for the patch, Stay Brutal always!

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Top quality patch, speedy service, and filled with added goodies! I will definitely buy again and throughly recommend!

Love it. Made a great shoulder patch

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