Stay Brutal Sticker Pack (5 pack)

$7.20 $9.00

Shipping to United States: $1.00

Sticker pack of the "STAY BRUTAL" design by Fun With Robots. In this pack you get 5, 3" x 2.5" die cut stickers. Heavy duty and matte UV coated, because that's how you make brutality look classy. These stickers are weather proof so you can put them on your car or tag them on solid objects to remind the world, mostly metal fans, to "Stay Brutal" in this dark world. (FYI..white border on the images is the backing of the sticker, not the sticker itself. Gold border on the edge for extra class)

All individual stickers are shipped via USPS in a structured envelope and will include some extra goodies!

nice quality sticker pack! STAY BRUTAL 🤘🏻

Awesome stickers. Thank you!

Some of the best stickers ever. I put them on my coffee mugs, tool box, truck window. The downside is I’m out of them now, so I have to buy more.

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